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How It Started

Khelaghar – a charitable welfare residential Home and education centre for children in need and distress. It is engaged in education, vocational training and upbringing of children. It was started in 1972 by Maitrayee Devi. Nestled deep in the heart of nature, in the rural hamlet of Badu, in North 24 Parganas, approximately 35 kms away from Kolkata, Khelaghar is a place which provides shelter, food, education and other necessary facilities free of cost to the children in need and in distress. Here the children grow up amidst nature, imbibed with true human values and get empowered to step out in the world and find their own identity. Khelaghar is a secular organization. Over time, it has tried to build a place where the inmates can be given an all-round upbrining and a glimpse of the wider world. While formal education is pursued, equal stress is also given to different cultural activities and vocational training for overall development of the child and to enable them to identify their individual potentials.
Keeping pace with the changing time, Khelaghar has gradually evolved into a home away form home for girls in need and in distress.

Our Pride

Khelaghar visit has become a part of the education syllabus of some prestigious colleges and schools in the city and they are visiting Khelaghar to give their students a glimpse of the creative endeavour and the unique informal environment of the institute.

Our Aim

To reach help to greater number of children in need and in distress (specially girl child) both in Khelaghar and outside of Khelaghar with food, shelter, medicine, education and vocational free of cost.


The ideology and vision of Khelaghar is based on the concepts of education and upbringing of children that Rabindranath Tagore had envisaged and endeavoured to establish in his school in Santi Niketan.

Our Inmates

The tranquil ambience of Khelaghar in the midst of majestic trees provides the children the required ambience where they can unwind in peace and be their own self. keeping in mind the special need of these children, Khelaghar has tried to evolve a routine which would enable them to overcome the stress and strain of their lives without alienating them from their family and roots and at the same time giving them confidence through education and vocational training and empowering them to move forward to take their place in the mainstream of life.
Today’s child has forgotten to play under the pressure of books: Khelaghar knows this and has tired to give their childhood back through its thoughtfully structured daily routine. In Khelaghar – classrooms have no walls… All its classes are held under the majestic trees, in the garden beside the ponds, in natural surroundings as was envisaged by Tagore.
The informal serenity of Khelaghar helps the children to grow to be in peace and to feel at home. They are encouraged to use their talents and initiative all the time. Khelaghar strives to make each child feel that he/she is being brought up in a family setting and Khelaghar is a part of the child’s existence.

Our little inmates are mostly tribals. Some are from urban slums. some are from nearby villages, in fact they are all from marginalised section of the society, desperately in need of nutrition, care, education and confidence.
The importance of Khelaghar lies not in its size but in its unique concept and ideals, its complete dedication to the welfare of the needy children.
Life In Khelaghar
Life in Khelaghar is interwoven with nature. Set amidst the quiet beauty of village greens, Khelaghar blends with rural setting and harmonizes with the life that flows around it.
Khelaghar holds in-house classes for children from the nursery stage to class VIII (7 Yrs. to 16 Yrs. Approx.), following the prescribed syllabus of the state education board, so that the children do not have any difficulty in continuing their formal education when they are out of Khelaghar. However, even for this routine education Khelaghar in collaboration with eminent educationists is constantly trying to develop and improve teaching method so that the learning process is both easy, enjoyable and alsc effective.
Science teaching is augmented with practical experimentations, often using simple alternative methods of teaching language and mathematics etc are being explored to improve the acceptance of the children.
A part from usual formal subjects taught in classes, a great deal of emphasis is put on drawing, story telling, games, drama, dance and particularly music to keep the spirit of the children high and soaring.
Music is the mainstay of Khelaghar. Starting with early morning prayer songs, it is entwined in the daily life of the children and motivates them and raises their spirits.
To add colour to their daily routine and to bring out the hidden talents in the children, the educational curriculum includes debates, recitation, quiz, general knowledge and various creative activities.
For the children who are leaving, after passing out of class VIII, Khelaghar provides support for continuing their education as per their individual interest and capability Khelaghar provides financial help to those who are willing to continue their studies.

Khelaghar - a charitable welfare residential Home and education centre for children in need and distress.

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