Khelaghor bendhechhi tomar moner ghore

Basanta Utsab

Every year on Dol Purnima, we hold a vibrant Basanta Utsab celebration to welcome spring. Volunteers, members, and children gather to play with colored powders and water. Preparations include buying colors, sweets, and decorations, planning and performing exciting events. Through this celebration, we aim to spread joy, love, and unity, fostering togetherness and harmony in the community.

Teacher’s Day

We celebrate Teachers’ Day on September 5th annually in Khelaghar. This day is marked with enthusiasm as teachers and students come together to celebrate the role of teachers in shaping young minds. We celebrate this day with small programs including cake-cutting, gift-giving, and various activities that bring teachers and students closer. It’s a joyous occasion where we express our gratitude and appreciation for the guiding light that our teachers provide.

Republic Day

At Khelaghar, we celebrate Republic Day on January 26th with fervor and patriotism. Members and volunteers unite to hoist the national flag and sing the anthem. Students showcase cultural programs, honoring our diverse heritage. The celebration honors freedom fighters’ sacrifices and underscores the Constitution’s principles. It instills pride and patriotism in students, inspiring them to contribute to the nation’s progress.

Independence Day

Every year, we commemorate Independence Day, paying tribute to the relentless struggle and sacrifices of our nation’s freedom fighters. We proudly hoist the national flag and organize cultural programs where children and students actively engage in singing, dancing, recitations, and debates. It’s a jubilant occasion brimming with enthusiasm and a profound spirit of patriotism, reminding us of our duty towards our beloved nation.

Khelaghar - a charitable welfare residential Home and education centre for children in need and distress.

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